Lomé Grand Marchè (The big market) is a colossal market place in the downtown of Lomé, near the Cathedral.
There are a lot street sellers in the the big marked who sell all kinds of food and groceries, clothes, crafts, sunglases, wallets, watches, laserpens and toys. Most of the things are copies.
The market, referred to in French as “Grand Marché” (Main Market) consists of three sections, known locally as Atipoji, Asigame and Assivito. The market occupies an entire city block in Lomé. The majority of the vendors are women and children.

The labyrinthine Grand Marché is Togo at its most colourful and entrepreneurial. You’ll find anything at this market from Togolese football tops to cheap cosmetics.

It’s a woman’s world. Now and then a man with flowing robes would stride through the crowd, but it’s the women, the “Madam Benzes”, who carry on the business of buying and selling. A Madam Benz is a woman who has done well enough in business to own a Mercedes and maybe hire a chauffeur as well.  All of the women you see here, even the ones carrying their ‘shop’ in a basket on their head have dreams

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